Welcome to PiercerJack

Before you can wear the jewellery of your dreams you need to have a healed piercing. What you want is eventually to be able to wear whatever you like without it giving you any trouble. To make sure this happens you need to be pierced in the first instance with jewellery of the right shape, material and size. Then you have to be dedicated to good aftercare for as long as it takes to heal - (this bit is up to you). The initial piercing is not the time for bling!

I will explain which shape and size of jewellery will work best for your chosen piercing.  The only jewellery I use is titanium which has no nickel content unlike surgical steel (so no chance of the commonly experienced allergic reaction to nickel) and is half the weight of surgical steel. You will need to wear this jewellery until the piercing is healed, which for some piercings is as much as 12 months. And it is up to you to maintain thorough aftercare throughout the healing process. (See Aftercare for more information on this.)

All jewellery, clamps etc are sterilized in an autoclave on the premises. Needles are of course pre-sterilized and used only once on you before being discarded into the Sharps bin.  For your peace of mind I open the sterilized items in front of you before carrying out the procedure.

PiercerJack is a body piercing studio only. It is not a tattoo studio with a bit of body piercing on the side, and it is not a body jewellery shop. I do not use piercing guns, all my piercings are done properly with a needle.

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