American piercing needles and why we don't use them in the UK


If you've had a piercing in the UK you will (almost certainly) have been pierced with a needle which has a cannula.

The cannula is the plastic sleeve that the needle sits in, (it's the top piece with the orange end in the picture to the right). Both needle and cannula pass through the skin when you are pierced. The needle is then removed leaving the cannula which provides a handy channel for the jewellery to be inserted without irritating the wound. Once the jewellery is in, the cannula is removed. 

american piercing needle.jpg


But you've seen the videos on YouTube where the needle looks like the ones in the image on the left and of course the question arises, if this is how the Americans are doing it, why aren't we?


Well the fact is that in the USA needles with cannulas are designated as medical equipment and as such can only be used by medically qualified people, i.e. doctors and nurses. Piercers are not generally qualified as doctors (!) so are forced to use needles without cannulas. So it's not that the Americans have a superior method, they are forced by US regulations to do it that way.


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